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What is a reasonable solar street light body structure design
  • 2017-05-26 09:43:29

First of all, to solve the problem of solar LED lighting mainly relys on a reasonable structure of the lamp body design, a solution is to use 2-3mm thick aluminum plate, high-power LED directly installed in the aluminum plate, LED connected with a lead. Low-power LED can be used in accordance with the number of LEDs in the aluminum tombs on the aperture and LED diameter to do the same hole, and then set the LED inlaid with aluminum tombs, LED pins in the back of the aluminum plate. The lamp housing is also made of metal material, will be installed with LED aluminum plate and metal shell tightly assembled, so that the heat generated when the LED can be transmitted through the aluminum substrate to the metal shell, the metal shell exposed to the air, the heat can Through radiation and convection.

LED chip luminous efficiency of the new energy LED lights can make the whole lamp efficiency of 801m / W or more, has the advantage of energy saving, and its reliability and service life will need to rely on packaging technology to further improve. At present, the new energy LED street lamp to promote the application of the bottleneck is not light efficiency, and in the light failure and reliability, high-power LED package on the new energy LED lights light failure and reliability plays a key role.

All new energy LED street lamp products in the radiator design, can be roughly summarized as aluminum extrusion heat sink chip heat sink and heat pipe combined with the radiator. Which aluminum extrusion heat sinks are mostly solar LED lighting the appearance of the pieces, the advantages of this approach is the lower cost of the radiator, especially the development costs of mold more competitive. However, in the development of high-power products, the weight is a must pay attention to factors, because the lamp arm tolerance will be some restrictions, so in high-power products, the general use of chip heat sink, or the use of heat pipe The way heat dissipation.

High-power LED for the production of outdoor lighting enclosure protection level are generally above IP65. If the housing is a nonmetallic (such as plastic) material, although the LED is connected to the aluminum substrate (MCPCB), if the heat on the aluminum substrate can not be effectively conducted to the surface of the shell, the accumulated heat will cause the temperature of the aluminum plate to rise sharply , Resulting in the temperature is too high, then increase the possibility of LED failure, resulting in LED light decline increased life shortened.

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